Carlos' record the past 3 years in football has defined him as an icon in the industry. With a high accuracy rate of over 65% in pros and over 68% in college in that run, Carlos will look test those results in the 2013-14 season. Investors can see a sampling of Carlos' picks buy purchasing a week, month or season of hand selected picks.

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After several years of testing with consistent results in the mid 60% range, college and pro selections will be available in one package. While all betting opportunities are factored, the most accurate results were college sides both underdogs and favorites (and thus the focus of the picks to be released), followed slightly behind with pros and totals. Investors can expect 1-4 picks daily.

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Horse Racing

Benny Bernstein has assembled a small, but highly potent group of racing insiders known by the racing community as the East Coast Turf Syndicate. Each a legend in their own right, this conglomerate of talent has already proven their worth at major tracks around the country, with many exotic payoffs touching the signer threshold. Focusing mainly on exacta and trifecta wagering, investors can expect a wide assortment of betting combinations. Note: Membership will be held to a strict limit to protect prices.

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While Carlos' models evaluate all betting opportunities, totals and underdogs have resulted in the highest accuracy rate and thus are the majority of selections released. Expect to receive 7-10 picks weekly. Quality, not quantity is the the theme here.

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After years of watching one of the nation’s top betting syndicates ride his back to millions of dollars in profits using his sophisticated and highly accurate quantitative models, Carlos Salazar will not be renewing his contract and thus be going public, making his picks available to sports bettors around the world. No longer will Carlos be the silent partner, contractually bound to keep his identity veiled in secrecy.

“Money is not the only form of compensation. I was highly paid for the edge that I provided, but I wanted the recognition I deserved for what I was accomplishing.”

After 3 highly profitable years and with no hard feelings, Carlos parted ways with his investors.

“Carlos going public will certainly take a significant chunk of the market
share away from handicapping services who sell selections.”

Carlos is the new breed of handicapper and information broker. His approach to picking winners has forced odds makers to think twice about their decades long method of creating lines. The pressure that Carlos and his associates have put on the Las Vegas and offshore sportsbooks has been immense. It’s changed the landscape of the sports betting industry.

During Carlos’ 3 year stint, he built invaluable relationships that gave him the ability to keep a pulse on the movements of the linesmakers by procuring information from elites from both sides of the wagering windows. Combined with his proprietary models Carlos will look to test the 70% ceiling in 2013, however ambitious that may sound.